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EVO Products for you.

EVO products are divided into 6 product families, catering for different hair needs and distinguished by colour-coded packaging (to make it easier on you lot).

-It's because... we cair for your hair

Our EVO products

Care - Ritual Salvation shampoo and conditioner, mane attention, happy campers

Repair colour-treated, weak, brittle hair

Calm - The therapist shampoo and conditioner, the great hydrator

Repaircolour-treated, weak, brittle hairMoisturise and repair colour-treated, dry frizzy hair

Volume - Gluttony, bride of gluttony, root canal, shape vixen

Volumise fine, limp, lifeless hair

Curl - End doctor, liquid rollers, whip it good

Support curly hair and enhance natural wave

Straight - Easy tiger, icon welder, love touch

Smooth coarse hair and control the fizz

Style - Normal persons shampoo and conditioner, day of grace, salty dogs, haze, shebang-a-bang, mister fantastic, casual act, crop strutters, cassisus, box o'bollox, gangsta grip, builders

paradise, helmut

Styling and finishing options for all hair types