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Hair colouring

Not sure what colour you want? We have a dazzling array of colours to suit every taste. You will always receive a customised consultation making sure you get the look that suits you.

For the best in ladies hair


If you are looking for a great cut or restyle then you've come to the right place. Our qualified experienced team are up to date with all the modern styles and will give you a precision cut that suits you.

Other services

We don't just cut and style your hair, we can colour, add extensions and  much more. We will advise you on what's best for you, so relax and enjoy your hair pampering session. Call in to our salon in Wellingborough today.

Are you looking for a modern salon with a team of professionals, up to date with all the best modern trends and cuts? Look no further, than Groom Room in Wellingborough, our fabulous fashionistas will give you the look you want. You will only ever leave the salon with the look you had in mind.

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Split-Ender PRO

Do you want to get rid of your split ends without losing length? Come to the Groom Room and receive our Split-Ender PRO treatment. This revolutionary machine detects the split ends of your hair and cuts these dry peices whilst leaving your healthier alone and untouched. You can remove your dry damaged and burned hair but keep your long healthy hairs, meaning you can grow longer and more beautiful hair, faster than ever before.

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